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Lean – it’s not just for manufacturing you know!

A common misconception is that lean is only suitable for manufacturing but have a look at the article below and see how lean can be applied in the creative world and professional services. Lean – first of all, what is it? The core philosophy of lean is the elimination of waste. While it is easy .. read more

How an MTP program can benefit your company in 2017

Running your own business can be very rewarding…it can also be very frustrating for a number of reasons. Sometimes you feel you are running to stand still. Everyone is caught up in the day to day, fire firefighting and it can be difficult to see the woods from the trees. You sometimes wish for the .. read more

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4 Key Questions Every Successful Manager Must Be Able To Answer

Management effectiveness is ultimately about developing a strong team capable of delivering company objectives. There are two crucial components of a manager’s job – operational management and people management. In this article Tricia Cunningham outlines the people aspect of the role and what managers need to get right in order to be successful. Tricia, what .. read more

LEAP delighted to be working with Longford Town FC

As part of the FAI’s ongoing support for regional clubs, LEAP are delighted to be working with Longford Town FC in the development of their strategic plans. To learn about LEAP’s leadership and management programmes visit Leadership Programmes. Meet the LEAP Team Contact LEAP to speak to a business advisor Tel: 091 755736 E:

What has company culture got to do with strategic planning?

Company culture plays a more significant role in strategic planning than some people realise. Managing directors and team leaders need to ensure there is clarity regarding expected behaviours of employees. Most employees want to contribute to the long-term success of the business but how you get there is just as important as the end goal .. read more

Anger Management in the Workplace

It is imperative for anybody in an organisation, whether at a leadership level or employee level, to manage their responses to tense situations. There are times when an individual will feel annoyed, frustrated and stressed. Each of us will express that differently. The challenge for us as adults is to recognise our triggers – things .. read more

Professional Development is Key to Retaining Key Employees

Now that the economy has started to take a turn in the right direction, the skills that employees currently have may not be the skills that will allow them to help an organisation grow and maximize opportunities that may lie ahead. For many organisations the focus over the last number of years has been doing .. read more

Why Your Business Needs Digital Marketing

Bill Gates once said that ‘the internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow.’ You can see why when you consider that 85% of Irish households are connected to the internet according to CSO figures and more than a third of Irish broadband users spend over 20 hours a week online, .. read more

3 Signs You Have an Effective Team

In 3 signs you have an effective team, Tricia Cunningham focuses on results, communication and conflict resolution. Here she outlines why these requirements are so important for managers, not just for the immediate impact on the bottom line but also for the long-term stability and profitability of the business. 1 The Team Achieve Positive Results .. read more

Effective Performance Management Means People Working Smarter

Effective performance management is more than just measuring the KPI outputs of the team. It also focuses on the behaviour of individuals and whether or not they reflect the values of the whole organisation. Here John Raftery discusses performance within a core competencies framework while Tricia Cunningham  outlines key elements in the performance management process .. read more