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Construction Industry Case Study

Construction Industry

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Business Advisor John Raftery

  • Extensive experience in Business Coaching and Personal Development.
  • Designed and delivered Personal Development Programmes
  • Held Senior Management Roles in Project Management, Business Management,
  • Strategy & Planning, Manufacturing and Production.
  • Past lecturer in Operations Management for Irish Institute of Industrial Engineers

LEAP Experience

  • Involved in the Construction Industry and based in the North West of Ireland
  • Family owned business
  • Strong Managing Director (father)
  • New Managing Director (son) to take over the business

Situation Prior To LEAP

  • Lack of clarity between the roles for the father and son which was resulting in confusion and tension
  • Management team lacked clear responsibilities, objectives and measurements
  • Frustration for the son who believed his role was being undermined and unable to push through his vision
  • Leadership style needed to change to drive the business to the next level – acknowledged but lacked the ability to achieve this

LEAP Intervention

  • Facilitated sessions with the son and management team to clarify roles and objectives
  • Session with the father and son to define scope of responsibilities and to ensure behaviour boundaries were established
  • Strategic plan was developed by the management team which outlined how the management team would deliver on the aggressive targets set by the new Managing Director
  • Realigned responsibilities based on the new requirements of the business


  • Clarity of roles been established reducing stress particularly for the father and son
  • Performance measurements implemented resulting in adherence to agreed actions
  • Positive momentum established with the management team
  • Increase in sales (continued to be measured)


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