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Emerging Managers QQI Certified Level 6

Emerging Managers Programme

Emerging Managers is an ideal programme for companies wishing to build more effective management teams from the ground up. For those recently promoted to positions of management requiring higher levels of management skills, this course will start you off on the right foot. Develop your emerging managers into top performers who deliver on the business objectives while maximizing the talents of their teams. You will gain a QQI Level 6 qualification in the following areas:


  1. Managing Performance
  2. Motivating, Developing and Empowering
  3. Building Effective Relationships
  4. Legislation, Regulation and Policies

The Purpose

Managing People is designed to give the learner essential knowledge and skills in developing standards, measuring performance, motivating and empowering staff and oneself.

Participants will aim to:

  • Practice effective supervisory management skills
  • Design, implement and change standards
  • Appreciate the value of effective and open communication within organisations
  • Develop strategies for staff support and empowerment
  • Understand the importance of effective relationships within a multi-disciplinary team
  • Demonstrate effective conflict resolution and mediation skills
  • Understand the importance of stakeholder’s rights and expectations in the delivery of a quality service
  • As well as understanding what you have to do to be an effective manager, it’s also important that you know what to avoid doing.

On completion the candidates will have developed the following core skills:

  • Taking initiative
  • Taking responsibility for one’s own learning and progress
  • Problem solving
  • Applying theoretical knowledge in practical contexts
  • Being numerate and literate
  • Having information and communication technology skills
  • Sourcing and organising information effectively
  • Listening effectively
  • Communicating orally and in writing
  • Working effectively in group situations
  • Understanding health and safety issues
  • Reflecting on and evaluating the quality of your own learning and achievement


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