leadership and management consultants, is based in Galway and serve clients nationwide. We design and deliver leadership development programmes for business owners and team leaders, and management development programmes for new managers. Established in 2000, we work with businesses across Ireland to ensure you are maximizing the potential of your greatest asset – your employees.

LEAP work with companies, large and small, to identify issues that are preventing you from achieving the kind of success you had hoped for. Then we work with you to develop a plan of action that you, and your management team, can implement and measure with real tangible results.

Quality and Qualifications

Quality and Qualifications Ireland


QQI (Quality and Qualifications Ireland) was formed to combine the standalone agencies of HETAC, FETAC, and NQAI. It is a state agency, responsible for setting standards and maintaining awards given on the National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ).

LEAP is a QQI quality assured training provider since 2009. Our provider number is 38349H.

 National Framework of Qualifications


The National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ) is a 10 level system, which holds commonly identified academic and vocational values for awards achieved in Ireland.

As a QQI quality assured training provider, LEAP programmes leading to awards under the NFQ at level 5 and level 6.


 The LEAP Team

Mike Gaffney

Mike Gaffney

Managing Director

Mike is a highly effective facilitator, helping organizations and their management teams determine what their key challenges are and how best to address them. He brings a philosophical perspective to understanding one’s own personal effectiveness. This is combined with the engineer’s perspective on solving problems, which together work well in the murky areas of people management and leadership.
Tricia Cunningham

Tricia Cunningham

Senior Partner and Co-Founder

If you want your Supervisors and Managers to successfully grasp the People Management nettle, then talk to Tricia. With over 30 years experience (it’s an old photo, they all are!) in Training and Development Tricia brings a wealth of expertise and insights to all of her clients’ development programmes.
John Raftery

John Raftery

Business Advisor and Training & Development

John is not your typical consultant. He will tell you the bad news up front, regarding you and your business. If you are part of the problem, he will let you know. He will work with you (if you are willing), not just to resolve it, but to also help you drive the company and team forward. John is practical, pragmatic and very incisive. These capabilities make him a much sought after business advisor and strategic coach, particularly with owners and their management teams.