NUI Galway organises an event to bring leaders from industry together to share insights about their digital transformation journeys.

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Digital Transformation: Accelerating to Industry 4.0 focused on key insights to transform organisations from mechanical to digital. The event addressed critical challenges in the digital transformation journey and shared how leading organisations have overcome those challenges.

Mike Gaffney, Managing Director of Leap Consulting speaking at the event.

Over 60 people from the industry and academia attended the event and enjoyed the conversations with our speakers. The event started with a welcome note from NUI Galway’s Head of School of Engineering – Prof. Edward Jones and Research Director Dr. Kathryn Cormican. John Cormican, General Manager of Jaguar Land Rover shared his journey on how Jaguar Land Rover were setup in Ireland. Mike Gaffney, Managing Director of Leap Consulting, shared his experience of how teamwork is vital in making the digital transformation journey efficient.

Ina O’Murchu, Director of Block stars, shared how SMEs can leverage different tools to make their digital transformation journey affordable, whereas Mike J Hayes, Engineering Technologist of Dell Technologies, shared critical insights and learnings of Dell’s journey during the event.

“The digital transformation journey is painful and requires resilience, but the fun part starts during the scaling phase,” said Alan Phelan, CEO of SourceDogg.

The event concluded with a panel discussion from all the industry leaders. The leaders discussed various phases of their journey and how the people factor is an essential part of the digital transformation journey.