Leadership In Action Programme (LIAP)

Enable your team to step up and perform as a Leadership Team

Are the leaders of your organisation too busy looking to “Do Things Right” as opposed to making sure that they are “Doing the Right Things?”

If so it might be time to collectively step back and think and act more strategically by asking:

Where are we: Now?

Where: Do we Want To Get To?

How: will we Get There? 


 If you are interested in the possibility of the LIAP for your leadership team, please get in touch and we can discuss its possible application with yourselves.

VENUE: Online and Onsite


ABOUT: 4 Modules to be completed over 12 online sessions

BROCHURE: Download

Feedback from previous programmes

“The course was well designed, paced and held everyone’s attention, with some great informative quotations and explanations. You encouraged interaction early on and the break-out sessions helped me greatly.

I thought that perhaps the talent insight sessions may throw up some sceptics, but the buy in after receiving their results and the enthusiasm and some new found confidence in the room was evident and amazing.

We have identified areas where it will greatly help us conducting not only our sales team meetings but ongoing communication and one to ones going forward.