Venue: Carlton Hotel, Blanchardstown, Dublin

Times: 9.30am – 4.30pm

Delivered over three interactive days.

Wednesday, 29th April Become the Hunter
Wednesday, 20th MayDeliver high performances consistently
Tuesday, 9th JuneUnderstand and Manage Self

The Need for the Hunter Sales Programme

Progressive and resilient Irish companies continue to focus on developing best practices and professional approaches across their organisations. For too many businesses sales training has been limited and the impact of this is evident by the variety of skill level demonstrated by team members.

The Hunter programme deliverables are as follows:

  1. Expand the mind-set of the sales people from technical competence to include greater ease and proficiency in selling
  2. To provide the sales people with proven approaches to enhance their existing sales activities ensuring more effective selling and a greatly increased capability to deliver a sustained and less stressful sales performance

The Impact:

“On behalf of our sales team I would like to thank you for the Hunter Sales Training Programme you have conducted for us over the last few months. Speaking with the teams I know they found all sessions interesting, productive, engaging and enjoyable.  Your understanding of our challenges and your ability to delve into them was outstanding.

The course was well designed, paced, and visually appealing to hold everyone’s attention, with some great and informative quotations and explanations.  You encouraged interaction early on and the break-out sessions not being too full on in terms of presentation helped that greatly.

I’m hoping it will motivate all to change or to be aware of their approach to selling and allow them to trial and cement some of the new techniques and tools you identified.

I thought that perhaps the Talent insight session may throw up some sceptics, but the buy in after receiving their results and the enthusiasm and some new found confidence in the room was evident and amazing.  

We have  identified areas where it will greatly help us conducting not only team meeting but communication and one to one’s going forward.”

John Hayes, Field Sales Manager, Allegro Limited

Hunters Sales Programme: Outline

The purpose of this programme is to provide the sales team with leading, practical methods of selling in a competitive environment.  There are three key deliverables:

  • Increase self-awareness and ability to successfully interact with others
  • Easily apply proven best practices in selling
  • Develop effective personal business disciplines in the areas of: improved communication, time management and assertiveness
  • Determine ways to apply their individual strengths and talents to maximise their impact in different situations
  • Gain a better understanding as to why they act in a certain way in challenging situations and determine effective personal approaches to challenging situations

WORKSHOP 1:  You the Salesperson

People buy from people they have a good relationship with.  The salesperson’s relationship is built around the three questions every buyer asks:

  1. Do you have high standards?
  2. Can I trust you?
  3. Do you care about me?

This workshop delivers practical approaches to ensure consistent delivery on the above three critical customer relationship management questions by participants:

  • Gain an understanding as to the 5 buying decisions
  • Becoming great listeners
  • Developing personal assertiveness
  • Learning how to deal with difficult customers

WORKSHOP 2: Stepping Up                                                                                           

Selling is a tough profession.  On a daily basis the salesperson’s self esteem is challenged.  They have to consistently deliver in challenging circumstances.  This workshop focuses on helping them do so.  It addresses:

  • How our personal mind-set and perspective are critical to the outcome both positive or negative
  • The Flourishing mind-set and steps each of us can take to develop one’s own
  • Apply best practices in Time Management, prioritisation and delegation
  • How to successfully develop new habits and business disciplines

WORKSHOP 3: Understanding Self – Applying your Natural Strengths

Prior to Workshop 3 participants will complete a psychometric assessment online. An information sheet will be provided, assisting participants in completing the assessment which takes no more than 30 minutes to complete.

The core content for this workshop is based on the DISC psychometric test which will assist participants in understanding themselves better providing them with insights to be used in their roles as sales people. Participants will;

  • Explore the findings of their psychometric test and the application of learning to their work environment.
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses that can be exploited (strengths) and need to be addressed (weaknesses) to ensure they maximise their opportunities for success in their sales role.