What is Leadership?

What builds a successful business? Is it luck? Many would doubt that and certainly asking an investor to support your initiative and describing it as a “lucky opportunity” won’t help you. Let’s not build our business on luck. At least not the traditional definition of luck.

Successful leaders and managers know that luck is really about persistence, practice and perspective. How many times have you heard “it took me 20 years to become an overnight success” (persistence)? How about “the more I practice the luckier I get” (practice)? And how about “the harder I look the more I find” (perspective)?

So luck is hard work. Build your success on the right definition of luck: persistence, practice and perspective.

How can you benefit from a LEAP management course?

Managers have the responsibility of translating business goals into tangible results which can only be
achieved through:
  • Ensuring they take full responsibility for goals and overcoming challenges to achieving those goals
  • Recognising how to apply best management practices to the specific requirements of their company
  • Drawing out optimum performances from their teams
  • Adopting the attitude and behaviours of high performing managers

How can you benefit from a  LEAP leadership course?

Our leadership programme has two main objectives:

  • Enable the participants to realise their potential as effective leaders in their company.
  • Ensure that they can define how best to position and structure the company so that it can sustain and develop itself independent of the leader.