Great managers understand that there is a direct link between employees who take an active interest in what is happening in the business and the achievement of business results. The challenge therefore, is for the great manager is to ensure that employees remain engaged and focused.  They need to determine ways of motivating employees to take an active interest in what they can do to perform their jobs to the highest level and deliver on the agreed targets.  When managers do this effectively they become great managers.  It is critical that the great manager knows how to select the right person for the defined role, set clear expectations, motivate employees and develop the person in line with the direction of the business.  This workshop will address these key areas and will assist you in determining how you will become a great manager.


As a result of this workshop you will:

  • Determine effective approaches you can use to select and recruit the right people for your organisation.
  • Align expectations for individual roles to the defined business objectives.
  • Identify motivating factors and determine ways of applying them to your organisation.
  • Set a clear and practical action plan for developing your skills as a great manager.