How a manager communicates with his/her team will either motivate or de-motivate team members.  Knowing how to listen and interpret the information provided is the first step in effectively communicating with your team members.  Done effectively a manager will then have an accurate starting point for getting his/her message across.  Too often the focus is on simply imparting information.  This workshop will look at communication so that managers can provide constructive feedback and ensure corrective action is taken.  It will also explore how to handle conflict and how to work to a long-term solution to prevent it arising again.

Objectives:     As a result of this workshop you will:

  • Understand the elements of effective communication.
  • Develop effective Active Listening Skills.
  • Determine approaches for providing effective feedback.
  • Manage difficult conversations with greater ease and ability.
  • Resolve issues swiftly preventing a build-up of frustration and negativity.