What are your greatest time wasters?  How do you tap into the resource of time and use it efficiently and effectively?  How do you maintain excellent customer service while meeting the demands of your job?  Develop strategies for managing your time and apply proven approaches to time management to your work situation to enhance your productivity.  Determine priorities and map out how to effectively manage those priorities.  Ensure your approach to managing time is workable and practical.  Identify an action plan that will assist you in increasing your work performance.  

Objectives:     As a result of this workshop you will:

  • Analyse your current work practices to assess overall effectiveness.
  • Identify areas and practices that are “time wasters” and develop alternative approaches to handling them effectively.
  • Prioritise work resulting in more effective use of time.
  • Eliminate the “Urgency Addiction”.
  • Recognise how to delegate effectively ensuring work is delivered and employees are engaged.
  • Minimise distractions that negatively impact work and progress.